Friday, 11 December 2009

Nearly finished

Here are a few renders from Maya for the game environ, the final environment will all be in the game by Monday morning and the final character texture shortly after. I have been having problems with the exporter again so that is another headache for the weekend, it should not take me very long hopefully.

Lee has nearly got all the game in there now with just the final room spawns to sort, we have other touches we would like to add such as an intro and outro screens. These will be very simple though due to the time restraints.

On Monday we are going to record some last minute sound which lee wants to add maybe over a Christmas, ideally the game will be totally finished by the beginning of next semster.

Here are some screens of the environment;

Friday, 4 December 2009


I have been texturing the enviroment and so far so good, I need to get htis done asap so I can finish the characters. Anyway here are some screen shots from the game :D

More & more

Ok firstly I have added more detail to the Unknown, just need to added the finer details and he will be ready for texturing.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Texturing and the Unknown

I have started to texture the environment and the characters for the game and so far it is going surprisingly well, so well in fact that I think by Friday the environment will be pretty much done. I am also well on my way to getting the characters done and as they are only 512 textures I am not being sucked into a tonne of detail.

Unlike this character.....

I have added more detail to the cloth thanks to some good advice from Gordon and I have added more weight to the face plus the cigar (which needs to be sculpted). I also need to finish the boots and wrist guards before adding in the fine details such as facial wrinkles and stitching/texture to the fabric but so far so good. One last thing is that i do intend to have a play with alpha hair in the some form on him, maybe a soulpatch or big sideburns lol