Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Texturing and the Unknown

I have started to texture the environment and the characters for the game and so far it is going surprisingly well, so well in fact that I think by Friday the environment will be pretty much done. I am also well on my way to getting the characters done and as they are only 512 textures I am not being sucked into a tonne of detail.

Unlike this character.....

I have added more detail to the cloth thanks to some good advice from Gordon and I have added more weight to the face plus the cigar (which needs to be sculpted). I also need to finish the boots and wrist guards before adding in the fine details such as facial wrinkles and stitching/texture to the fabric but so far so good. One last thing is that i do intend to have a play with alpha hair in the some form on him, maybe a soulpatch or big sideburns lol

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