Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Not much to show..

I have spent the day rigging, well 50% of the day. For the first half I built a new collision mesh for the level and also discussed making the characters bigger. The environment now looks more active due to the increase in size making the areas look far less cavernous, we also sat down and discussed the audio so that is now in hand.

For the remainder of the day I built the majority of the rig for the game characters, I took my time with this as I wanted to make sure there were as few as possible future errors that could occur when it comes to the animating and exporting into the game. For the hero i plan only to have 3-5 animations (idle, walk, run, shoot, walk & shoot and run & shoot) but for the enemies there may have to be more to help add a more believable working area with the guards doing things such as standing around chatting or at work at the terminals.

I am leaving the rig though for a couple of days whilst I create the enemy class, the sketching is done and I have a pretty clear vision to work to. This is a new direction for me as this one will be hard body and soft body combined, should be fun :D

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